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The process to become a security guard varies from state to state, and each state has its own laws and requirements. So if you are looking to get certified or get a license in you first need to be familiar with what the state's guidelines and requirements are. You can click here to read what the Alaska state requirements are to become a certified or licensed security officer.

What is the difference between a license and a certification?

There is a difference between being certified and being licensed. For example, a license is issued through regulatory or government agencies and defines the title and scope of the practice or profession. In some states it may be a criminal act to practice without a license. Certifications are typically awarded by an industry to uphold certain standards. It is the recognition given to a individual who has completed the required training that meets the qualifications within a profession.

Success as a security officer requires training, discipline and hard work. If you're not intimidated by these things, then the opportunities are there for the taking. All you need is the desire and motivation to achieve your goals. In fact, this career does not require previous special schooling or skills. It offers plenty of room to grow depending on your abilities, and as an industry it has a growth rate of 10% or more annually.

Here are some quick facts about most states:

In most states, if you are starting out as a guard, you can get your guard card with an initial 8 hours training. When it comes time to update you card, you need to complete additional training for 16 hours in the first 30 days. Also, 16 more hours of training is needed in the first 6 months. Moreover, a security guard needs to complete an 8 hour refresher class each year for as long as he/she has his/her guard card.

Please remember that not all laws apply to every state. To see what the requirements are for your state please click here.

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There are many training facilities available which are recognized by firms and organizations around the world. In order to land the job you are seeking, you should first familiarize yourself with the nature of the job you want to apply for and select a training company that trains you in those areas.

The security guard field is expected to have a rising demand as the population grows. There are several industries that characterize themselves as having the need for security officers. For example, hospitals, schools, tourist destinations, government facilities and more.