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Security Guard Training Classes

Security guards are a vital part of society. They protect, patrol, and/or invigilate places to prevent illegal activities, such as theft, violence, or the infraction of rules and regulations. They can protect people, property, belongings, or money. They are usually stationed in locations that require security such as shopping malls, banks, museums, office buildings and so on. To be a security guard, a high schools diploma or its equivalent is usually the minimum education requirement. However, the job requires hours and hours of training, as well as studying relevant material.

Job Description

The general job description of a security guard usually requires being attentive and patrolling the premises under their care. This means that they need to have good observational skills, especially if they are stationed inside a security office monitoring cameras. This further extends during their patrols, where they are required to be vigilant for anything unusual occurring. The skills required vary more depending on what the job actually entails, such as guarding armed cars, transporting people, etc. However, no matter the job and unless specifically certified, a security guard on duty is not allowed to make an official arrest. They must instead call the police and/or fire departments in case of an emergency. The observation and communication skills are extremely important in such situations, which also require a guard to be able to think fast and assess situations quickly.

The importance of public relations and communication skills cannot be underplayed. Have good public relations and communications skills mean that the security guard should be principled and maintain a standard of quality for the services that they provide. They should also be able to employ the appropriate procedures when providing personal, as well as customer, services.

Special Training

Before training begins, all potential trainees are usually required to pass a drug test. Furthermore, employers usually conduct a background check to ensure that the person is credible and reliable. The training of a security guard can vary in intensity and skills depending on the position they are aiming for. The most basic skills that all are required to learn are basic property rights, how to write reports, the procedures for handling emergencies, and how to detain people suspected of criminal activity. The most important, arguably, is public relations. The amount of interaction with people on the job will depend on their field, but a minimal amount is always required. As such, they need to be trained in how to properly and calmly handle such situations.

Most security guards also need to know how to operate screening devices, and how to prevent prohibited articles from entering restricted areas. Furthermore, their technical skills also extend to the ability to examine and adjust security systems, alarms, equipment and related machinery. Through this, they should be able to ensure that they are operating correctly, and to detect any evidence of tampering with the equipment. In addition to knowledge of screening and security systems, security guards must possess basic computer skills. They should be able to use word processing and spreadsheet programs for their database entries and reports.

The level of difficulty of training depends on the responsibilities and level of danger attributed to their respective fields. For example, those training to guard banks, armored cars, or other places that involve the exchange of large amounts of money are required to know how to use weapons. Sometimes, it is also required that the guard knows how to drive a motor vehicle, in case they provide personal detection or if they need to escort people to specific locations. Furthermore, their training might be more intense so that they are well equipped for any and all possible scenarios. Security guards on the night shift, on the other hand, do not interact with as many people as day guards. Hence, their training might focus more on being attentive and patrolling regularly and less on people skills.

Other skills required of a security guard are a full knowledge of related equipment, strategies, policies, and procedures. This is so that they can protect data, institutions, property and people by effectively promoting national, state, or local security operations. Furthermore, they are required to have a working knowledge of agency rules, court procedures, precedents, government regulations, laws, legal codes, and the democratic political process. These rules and regulations are essential in a security guard’s training because they form the foundation for all actions taken properly in their role as a security guard.


After undergoing the training and education, security guards are then certified as professionals in their field. However, their training does not finish there. Most security guards are required to take refresher courses every few years. Additionally, the must renew their certifications once they expire. Especially if they are employed in a specialized field that requires more technical training, they need to regularly practice their skills and keep them sharp. Finally, security guards should always be aware of changing protocols, and keep abreast of current protocols and procedures in order to maintain their quality of service.

Security guards play an important role in society today by protecting and safeguarding people, property, and money. Becoming a security guard is an immense responsibility, and as such, requires rigorous training. The type of training they undergo depends to quite a degree on the field that they wish to specialize in and they type of clientele they wish to work for. This instruction can vary from something as simple as being able to write reports in good English and patrolling the property in question, to being able to efficiently assess crisis situations and use weapons. Furthermore, this training is not a once-in-a-career requirement. In order to stay duly certified and to remain as effective as possible, refresher courses and retesting is often required over one’s career. Although the initial requirements may seem deceptively simple, the path to becoming a security guard is indeed demanding.

As you may already know, a security officer may belong to either one of two classifications: armed and unarmed. It all depends on the amount of training one receives. There are different training requirements for each security position.

Depending on the job being applied for, an armed security guard applicant may have to undergo some additional training. For example, if you are hired at a hospital you can expect to deal with people walking in and out of the hospital, therefore your job will be to make sure that every person entering the building is checked and identified.